Labyrinth of culture: our permanent exhibition

Hope, faith, peace, safety, money and love – there are many reasons to travel. All travelers have faced the task of having to create a new life in encounting with a foreign country, an unknown language and new neighbours. Migration has always existed and is part of our everyday life.

Throughout the history of Denmark, immigrants have repeatedly been pawns in internal political struggles for power and media debates. They have been an important workforce, essential to the country’s economy and an expression of Danish ideals in international agreements. Some were invited, others found their way. They were rejected, tolerated or received with open arms. All of them have – often without knowing it – left their mark on history.

The story of immigration to Denmark is a mosaic of personal destinies and historical events. These are political dogmas combined with pragmatic solutions and individual choices. Each individual story is its own – but linked together, the many stories of migrants across time make a special contribution to our shared history: the story of the newcomers’ encounter with Denmark and Denmark’s encounter with the world.

The exhibtion gives an insight into more than 500 years of migration history.


9 September – winter 2023

On September 11, 1973, Chilean President Salvador Allende was overthrown in a coup d’état. The coup was led by General Augusto Pinochet, who replaced Chilean democracy with a military dictatorship. Thousands of political opponents were imprisoned, tortured and murdered in this process. Many of the junta’s victims were never identified. They disappeared.

Join us in commemorating the missing Chileans on Saturday, September 9, when the Immigrant Museum and the 50-year group of Danish-Chileans present a memorial service in Farum Kulturhus. Subsequently, the mini-exhibition opens with Chile posters from the Labor Museum.


10 June 2023 – spring 2024

Join us in celebrating the immigrants who came to Denmark as guest workers 50 years ago with the opening of the new special exhibition “Gæstearbejderne – Stories from the 70s”.

Experience the many personal stories about the encounter with Denmark and the Danes, about life between two cultures and about building a new life in a foreign land – and learn more about the history of the significant importance that the 70s labor immigration from, among others, Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco and Yugoslavia have had for Danish society. New and old objects, photographs and testimonies told by the former guest workers themselves take us back to the world of the 70s: to a tough labor market and miserable housing conditions, to deprivation and privation, to values ​​and identity, to new food cultures and imprints on music and literature, to love and family life, to popular meeting places and smoky clubs.

Through a new special exhibition and a large cultural program with activities throughout 2023, the Immigrant Museum, in close collaboration with the cultural institutions in Farum Kulturhus, focuses on the history of guest workers. The exhibition and the cultural program are based on a large documentation project that the museum began in 2021 to collect testimonies from former guest workers and secure their accounts for posterity as part of our common Danish history.

We kick it all off with an opening of the exhibition on Saturday 10 June at 14.00 at the Immigrant Museum in Farum Kulturhus, Kulturtorvet 12, 3520 Farum.